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Ground Beef Choice, Handling, and Storage - Food - Cooking Guidelines

Ground beef, as the important ingredient in lots of recipes, is a staple grocery item located in most kitchens. This common ingredient can be the most important concentrate of a meal, such as a spectacular meatloaf, or thrown into the pot at the last minute to stretch a meal. However this meat is employed, there are a few tiny precautions that ought to be taken to make sure the safe handling and storage of ground beef.


The numbers that are located on packaged ground beef are not there to confuse the client the numbers are there, rather, to inform shoppers of the meat-to-fat ratio. Meat that is 80/20 has a ratio of 80% meat to 20% fat and beef that is 95/5 has 95% meat to 5% fat. The low fat content material in the 95/5 beef makes it a healthier option than the other people, but the taste can be compromised as a significant portion of the flavor in beef comes from the fat that marbles it.


For the duration of the grinding approach, the meat becomes exposed to far more bacterial contaminants than other cuts such as steaks and roasts. The risks from this exposure can be eliminated just by cooking the beef properly and producing positive to thoroughly wash any utensils, dishes and hands that have been in contact with the raw meat in especially warm, soapy water. Ground beef ought to not be served uncommon as the bacteria in the meat will not be killed off until the meat reaches the stage of medium-well to well performed.


Ground beef can safely be employed within two days of buy. If it is not to be employed in that time period it ought to be frozen to stop spoilage. Meat ought to not be frozen in the store packaging in order to take away possible contaminants. Store packaging, also, is seldom air tight potentially resulting in freezer burn. Meat that is to be frozen ought to be tightly wrapped, in usable portions, in two layers of plastic wrap. Zippered freezer bags are an quick option to wrap as lengthy as the air is removed from the bag ahead of closing it. Ground beef that has been frozen ought to be employed within four months, so it is a fantastic practice to label the meat with the date that it went into a freezer.

These precautions in ground beef choice, handling, and storage will make sure meat that is perfectly safe for consumption.

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