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Acai Berry Recipes - Wellness - Nutrition

Rachel Ray acai berry recipes do not appear to exist. Following looking off and on for a number of days I gave up looking but I did not given up hope. I decided to experiment in my own kitchen. Regularly times some of my perfect recipes are those I've developed when I've had to swap ingredients.

The initial factor I tried was an acai berry juice marinade on boneless skinless chicken breast. This is just a variation of an orange juice and white pepper marinade I picked up in Nicaragua or the lime juice and soy marinade I had been using for years. I should note that I always marinade for at least six hours as any less time doesn't do much for me.

I cut the chicken breast into strips and pour acai juice and some extra virgin cold pressed olive oil more than the pieces. In an effort to cut the sweetness, I added some sea salt and crushed capers. The result was fascinating and got pretty good reviews. I did not like it as much as my stand by marinades so I won't be most likely to repeat this recipe. Also I ended up tossing much of the acai goodness down the drain which entirely defeats the wellness rewards of acai berry juice. In addition, acai is a great deal more pricey than lime juice lemon juice or orange juice so it was a dear experiment.

Surely Rachel Ray would use acai a great deal more sensibly! The subsequent recipe I tried was acai frozen yogurt and it was a much bigger success. I added acai berry juice to low fat yogurt. I employed plain yogurt as I wanted to isolate the acai flavor but I assume vanilla yogurt or a berry yogurt would also operate. I poured the berry/yogurt mixture into a screened drainer lined with two layers of new cheese cloth. I then left the mixture in the fridge to drip into a bowl for 24 hours. Following 24 hours the yogurt was the texture of cream cheese. It was best to spread on bagels or crackers at this point.

I scraped the acai/yogurt off the cheese cloth and into some plastic containers. I then placed the mixture in the freezer for 8 hours. It was delicious! It was tangy and sharp from the yogurt and had the wealthy chocolaty berry taste of acai. Yum Yum. The amount of freezing depends on how you like to have your frozen yogurt. I prefer it softer rather than tougher and as a result 8 hours worked nicely for me.

The last and most obvious recipe was an acai berry smoothie. I added ice, two frozen bananas, some plain low fat yogurt, and 1.five cups of acai berry juice to the blender. Predictably, it was completely wonderful. Smoothie recipes are practically fool proof. Don't forget to add a little wheat germ or flax meal to your smoothies to add some added protein to your smoothie recipes.

With a little imagination acai can be incorporated into countless different recipes. With no much believed I was in a position to produce a most important course, desert and a smoothie. I will preserve seeking for Rachel Ray acai recipes though continuing to experiment with my own acai berry recipes.

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